Throughout its history Canada has built physical infrastructure to enable our collective prosperity: highways and bridges, railroads and skyscrapers, subway systems and safe water supplies.


Our need to build modern infrastructure never stops, but the next century’s civic infrastructure is digital, not physical. The lack of open digital infrastructure with civic purpose, benefiting both public and private sectors, is a structural barrier to Canadian innovation.


Just as our roads are governed by regulation, policy and construction standards that keep us safe, mobile and connected, Canada needs a system to ensure our data is being used safely, effectively, and in ways that increase public benefit and our global competitiveness.

Civic Digital Infrastructure (CDI) can be the railroads and highways of our next century, creating jobs, strengthening public trust, and increasing the chance that the next wave of global tech leaders are Canadian.  This isn’t something government can buy, nor should companies create it alone. The Civic Digital Network is the non-profit bridge between government, SMEs and our innovation economy to meet Canada’s need for CDI. 


With Big Tech profit and data practices out of the equation, we can level the playing field for our innovation economy, solve pressing local and national challenges, and address critical digital issues across sectors. Learn more about our Network and the CDI model on our About Us page.